Getting Started with cisMEP
  • cisMEP: cis-regulatory module epigenetic profile database
  • CRM: cis-regulatory module
  • TFBS: transcription factor binding site
  • PcG: polycomb group
  • PRE: polycomb regulation element
Search / Browse cisMEP
The cisMEP database consists of two modes to select CRMs of interest and to view the epigenetic profiles for assessing prediction confidence and deciphering the potential functions of the chosen CRM:
a) Search mode: 3 ways to search the predicted CRM of interest.
  • 1) key in the gene of interest to find all the predicted CRMs related to this gene.
  • 2) select the annotated functions to find the potential CRMs of interest.
  • 3) specify the histone modification combination to find the potential CRMs of interest.
b) Browse mode: choose from one of the possible ways to browse the database.
  • 1) Browse different possible potential CRM on different genes
  • 2) Browse through different chromosomes
CRM Results
The potential CRMs for a quried gene are shown.
  • 1) Summary information for the queried gene.
  • 2) The table for potential CRMs related to the queried gene.
The potential CRMs satisfying the specified functional annotation or epigenetic profiles are also listed in a sortable table.
CRM Epigenetic Profile Page
CRM Epigenetic Profiles:
  • a) Summary information for the specified CRM.
  • b) Function to re-plot the epigenetic profile chart.
  • c) The epigenetic profile chart for the selected CRM.
  • d) The transcriptional regulation inference map for the selected CRM.
  • e) The detailed epigenetic profile data for the selected CRM. Some tables has tag filters that help users to further filter the data.
  • f) The download function. Tables provided in cisMEP can all be downloaded as the .csv format or the .pdf form.
Download cisMEP
All data in cisMEP can be downloaded in multiple ways:
  • Whole genome data can be downloaded from the Data Statistics page.
  • SSpecific table data for potential CRMs can be downloaded directly in the detail page. (See CRM Epigenetic Profile Section)