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Cis-regulatory modules (CRMs) are the DNA sequences required for regulating gene expression in metazoan species. Nowadays, the systematic understanding of CRMs still mainly resorts to computational methods due to the time-consuming and small-scale nature of experimental methods. But the accuracy and reliability of different CRM prediction tools are still unclear. Without comparative cross-referencing of the results and combinatorial analysis with extra experimental information, there is no easy way to assess the confidence of the predicted CRMs. cisMEP aims to provide a user-friendly interface for researchers to assess the confidence of different potential CRMs and to understand the functions of CRMs through experimentally-identified epigenetic profiles.The deposited CRM predictions and epigenetic profiles for confidence assessment provide experimentally testable hypotheses for the molecular mechanisms of metazoan gene regulation.
  • 2014/07 -- New advanced searcing tools are now available.
  • 2014/03 -- cisMEP was released.
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  • 2014/07 -- New advanced searcing tools are now available.