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Regulatory targets of transcription factors (TFs) can be identified by the TF perturbation experiments (TFPEs) from expression changes owing to the perturbation (deletion or over-expression) of the TF. But the identified targets contain both direct and indirect regulatory targets of a given TF. It has been shown that most of the identified targets are indirect, indicating that TF-gene regulation is mainly through transcriptional regulatory pathways (TRPs) consisting of intermediate TFs. Without identification of these TRPs, it is not easy to understand how a TF regulates its indirect targets. In YTRP, we aimed to find the TRP information for the TFPE-identified TF-gene regulatory pairs. The enumerated TRPs of a TF-gene regulatory pair provide experimentally testable hypotheses for the molecular mechanisms behind a TF and its regulatory target.


  • 2013/12 -- YTRP was updated based on the newly updated data of YEASTRACT, downloaded on 2013/12.
  • 2013/09 -- YTRP was released, based on the data of YEASTRACT download on 2013/03.

Newest Update

  • 2013/12 -- YTRP was updated.